Mary Quant Cosmetics shares the Mary Quant brand with the world.

Mary Quant Cosmetics Ltd. is the only company that holds the rights to all the products of the UK-born Mary Quant brand.
Actively seeking to expand overseas as well as at home, we strive to raise the status of the brand around the world.

Management philosophy A diamond-quality company: small, but brilliant

We believe human connections are the most important aspect of management. Our employees and business partners are all connected, and share our main objective of continually supplying high quality products and services that give our customers the freedom to be themselves.
We want the quality of our company to shine like a diamond, so that employees feel their work is worthwhile and enriches their lives, and every single employee is glad they work for us and wants to go on working for us.

Brand concept Freedom and Individual [Be free, be yourself]

To "be free, be yourself" means to value your own way of life. We will continue to provide products and services that resonate with our smart customers who value their own way of life, regardless of age, helping to give them the freedom to be themselves.
Down the ages, we want our brand to be supported by women who aren’t constrained by convention, but who are driven by curiosity. For this reason we value quality, design and a sense of fun in everything we do, from products through to services.