FREEDOM AND INDIVIDUAL“Be free, be yourself.” The eternal spirit of Mary Quant.

Free your thoughts; don't be confined by convention.
In the 1950s, fashion designer Mary Quant conquered the globe with the launch of the miniskirt, which would have been unthinkable before that time.
Her original ideas and boundless curiosity had a big influence on the role of women in contemporary society.
For Mary, cosmetics are part of fashion,
with unrestricted combinations to enhance female beauty.
The aim? To allow women to express their true selves and enjoy life.

Be free, be yourself.
This spirit is part of our brand, and it will never change.

The footprints of Mary Quant

She broke the stereotype

The movement started by the mini skirt

Fashion designer Mary Quant is known as “the inventor of the mini skirt."
Her innovative fashion sense and designs, unconstrained by conventional thinking, started a major movement not just in her native England, but around the world.


For Mary, cosmetics are part of fashion, and she wanted “to bring fashion to the face".
Mary's “look" stands for all-over coordination: a combination of makeup and fashion that expresses who you are.

MARY'S WORD 2: Non Rule

According to Mary, she just provides the parts to create a whole. She derives satisfaction from seeing people enjoying combining these parts however they like. What Mary provided were endless combination possibilities. There are no rules.

Brand symbol: the black daisy

The sweet and playful daisy logo sprung from the doodles of the young Mary. When making rough sketches, drawing daisies had a strange ability to stimulate her ideas, which she found suited the simple daisy design more than any other motif. A black flower, unique in the world, impossible to produce through the power of science; it is the symbol of the freedom Mary gave to women, and of the Mary Quant brand which continues to defy convention to create new forms of beauty.

Mary's colours

I wanted to bring fashion to the face.

Endless curiosity-arousing variety

“Everyone is copying my Stick and Crayons. But they can't copy my colours," announced a confident Mary, and it's true that for many people Mary Quant is synonymous with colour.
The current line-up features 120 shades of Eye Opener, 80 of Lip Mix, 36 of Lipstick and 72 of Nail Polish. This rich variety justifies our customers' confidence that they will always find a colour they like with Mary Quant.

No-rules makeup

Launched in 1966, Mary's colourful, revolutionary cosmetics defied contemporary makeup conventions.
Mary proposed the idea of “no-rules makeup": makeup to be enjoyed based on one's favourite colours and mood at the time. Mary's colours have a mysterious ability to complement any outfit, in any era.

Playful names

Mary Quant's colour cosmetics have slightly unusual names.
“Eye Opener" comes from the eye-widening effect of the eye shadows, while “Talkative Eyes" eye liner will make you the centre of attention without you saying a word. The names conjure up an image of the products through dramatic descriptions of their properties.

Enjoying cosmetics as part of a whole

Mary believes that cosmetics, like accessories, are vital components to perfecting a look.
Packaging, adorned with the daisy motif, is simple and stylish. Eye Opener, Lip Mix and other products allow favourite colours to be freely combined in a palette, embodying Mary's desire to see people combining her “parts" however they like.

A woman's skin is her canvas

With make-up for a while, but with SKINCARE for ever.

A woman’s skin is her canvas

Mary says that makeup makes you beautiful “for a while", but SKINCARE will make you beautiful “forever".
For Mary, always thinking about the next thing, SKINCARE is extremely important because of the impact it has on our skin's future. To enjoy colour and create the perfect makeup look, ideally skin needs to be as pure as a fresh canvas.
At Mary Quant, we take it on ourselves to provide not only colours, but top-quality skin care as well.  

Feeling the benefits

Mary Quant's concept of valuing individuality, unrestricted by convention or age, is also reflected in our SKINCARE. Making use of the latest technology, we provide a complete range suitable for skin of all ages. Our consistently high-quality products provide a targeted response to various needs based on lifestyle, age, season etc.

Beauty supported by technology

All Mary Quant cosmetics are developed and manufactured by our group companies. In our laboratories we carry out fundamental research into the skin's mechanisms at cellular and molecular levels. We also investigate the effectiveness of our cosmetics and repeatedly test their resistance to heat, light, and microorganisms as well as their skin-safety, taking all possible measures to ensure the quality of our products.  

grace mary

Never know limits, enjoy your age.
Women want to stay themselves and stay beautiful always, unrestricted by age or convention. The grace mary brand was created specifically for the skin of the mature woman. Five essential steps to fighting skin problems like dark spots, wrinkles and sagging deliver age-proof confidence and strong, radiant skin.

Enjoying the combination of parts <br>for an overall look

To feel excitement is to feel life.

Enjoying the combination of parts for an overall look

In accordance with Mary's desire to design clothes that suited her lifestyle, all the items in our shops are both practical and fashionable. They are also brimming with a sense of fun. The Mary Quant fashion range includes not just clothing, but also bags, accessories, and various other items. Along with cosmetics, these are yet more components provided by Mary Quant shops that can be combined freely to create an overall “look".

Complete fashion freedom

According to Mary, she just provides the parts to create a whole. She derives satisfaction from seeing people enjoying combining these parts however they like. What Mary Quant provides is the opportunity to transcend rules and enjoy complete freedom of coordination. Our constant creation of exciting and innovative fashion trends helps you perfect your individual “look".

Exciting shops

Rather than being located on the cosmetics floor of department stores and shopping centres, Mary Quant shops are located on the fashion floor, to enable them to attract more fashion-focused customers.
Mary says that to feel excitement is to feel life, and our shops' mission is to bring excitement to our customers' day-to-day lives.

Training top-class beauty stylists

Mary Quant Cosmetics values people. For this reason, our shop assistants, called “beauty stylists", are given thorough training from the moment they join the company, so that they acquire the advanced product knowledge and communication skills they need to communicate the appeal of Mary Quant to the customer. By maintaining a customer mindset while in-store, they are able to empathize with customers and help to bring out each person's individuality.


Our shop layout gives customers the freedom to test and select products. Beauty stylists provide counselling as needed to help customers' wishes come true.

Communication table

All shops have a space called a “communication table". Side-by-side, relaxed communication with customers allows the building of mutual trust.